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Marketing is the most important fact in getting your home sold. Many For Sale by Owners and agents fall short in using Today's Technology combined with Old School Marketing Systems to promote their home, and because of this, not giving your home the maximum exposure it needs to compete in today’s tough market.

Included below are New School (Technology) and Old School techniques that Billy Joe and Cheryl use to promote their homes. By incorporating these techniques in to your marketing will greatly increase your chances of a successful sale.

Watch this short video of EXIT e-Listings that Billy Joe and Cheryl Corbin will use to promote your home.

Internet Advertising: With over 94% of home buyers looking online for their new home, it is important to have a strong internet presence.  Billy Joe has over 12 years of experience in Internet Marketing that will greatly improve your homes internet exposure.

Talking E-Tours: Are you using Talking E-Tours to promote you home? With today’s buyers being more tech savvy than ever, it extremely important that you use the latest technologies when promoting your home. Talking E-Tours is the latest and greatest in today’s technology that produces amazing results for our clients. All of Billy Joe's and Cheryl's residential listings use Talking E-Tours.

Property Website: Do you use a custom property website to promote your home? With most home buyers looking online, there are many advantages of your home having a custom website made specially to promote only your home. While only a select few For Sale by Owners use custom property websites, by doing so will give your home the advantage it will need. You will be pleased to know that all of Billy Joe's and Cheryl's residential listings have a custom made property website.

Property Videos: Do you use property videos to promote your home? Tech savvy home buyers no longer want to shift through 30 photos of a home listing. What we have found out is that homes that are being promoted with videos, give these tech savvy home buyers what they want. This gives your home more exposure than just promoting with photos. All of Billy Joe's and Cheryl's residential listings have Property Videos.

Facebook Marketing: Do you use Facebook to promote your home? If promoted properly, the social media mega site Facebook is a great way to get your home exposed to potential buyers. The truth is, many For Sale by Owners that do use Facebook to promote their listings do it in such a way that it annoys everyone to the point that they get themselves blocked. There is a simple 3 Step Process that Billy, Cheryl and other Professional Facebook Marketers use to give your home maximum exposure on Facebook.

Target Marketing: Do you use target marketing to get targeted buyers to see your home? Target Marketing includes any form of promotion that is directed to any specific groups of prospects most likely to purchase your home. This may include placements in special interest media or targeted emailing lists. The more expensive or unique of property, the more important Targeted Marketing becomes. If you have any questions on Target Marketing, please call Billy Joe or Cheryl.

Flyers: Did you go door to door and hand out flyers to everyone in your community announcing your home is on the market? This may be Old School, but Billy Joe and Cheryl sell a lot of homes this way. Make it a priority to promote your home door to door as your neighbors may know of someone wanting to move into your neighborhood.

Feature Sheets: Do you provide Feature Sheets and other marketing materials for your home when it was being shown? Most For Sale by Owners, so it is very important for you to provide feature sheets so that potential buyers may see all of the features and benefits of your home. Billy Joe and Cheryl do provide Feature Sheets for all of their listings.

Contract: A written contract is the ultimate test of marketing. If showings generated prospects that were ready, willing, and able to buy, and you did receive a written contract, then your marketing accomplished what it is supposed to do.
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FREE Comparative Market Analysis
What is a Comparative Market Analysis? A comparative market analysis is an evaluation of similar recently sold homes. It establishes the approximate current market value of the home to be sold.

To Receive Your FREE Updated Comparative Market Analysis, give Billy Joe or Cheryl a Call Today!
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About Billy Joe
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Billy Joe is a “New School” Tech Savvy Agent with over 12 years of Internet Marketing experience that takes pride in getting your home the maximum online exposure. Combine that with Cheryl Corbin’s “Old School” Techniques makes an unstoppable force when it comes to marketing your home.

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EXIT Realty
EXIT Realty Corp. International opened for business in September of 1996 and in record time, EXIT has become the fastest growing full-service real estate franchisor in North America.

The exclusive EXIT Formula is the reason for our phenomenal growth. Another reason for our success is we give our EXIT agents powerful property marketing and promotion tools at their fingertips.

Properties marketed using our EXIT
e-Listings get the highest possible visibility on the internet through cutting-edge technology and marketing tools available.
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About EXIT Realty Crutcher
Our Broker Cindy Crutcher has been in the real estate business since 1988 and has built a real estate team that has worked for over 20 years bringing buyers and sellers of real estate together.

Cindy is committed to helping others succeed and uses her past experience as a teacher to train and coach agents, buyers and sellers to reach their goals.

At the present time, EXIT Realty Crutcher is experiencing massive growth. If you or you know of someone considering a career in real estate, please have them call Billy Joe at 270-312-5168.
EXIT Realty Crutcher is GROWING
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Q: What are the reasons homes fail to sale?

A: There are only 3 reasons to why a home does not sale. Marketing, Condition, and Price. What we have found out is with over 94% of home buyers searching for their home online, a strong internet marketing campaign frequently results in the home being sold.

Q: What all is involved in your FREE Comparative Marketing Analysis?

A: To properly construct a good comparative marketing analysis we will need to first preview your home to get a feel of the condition, upgrades, and measure all rooms. We then will pull recently sold homes that are similar to yours in your area. We will also gather a list of pending homes and active homes to give you an idea of what your competition is.

Q: Is your FREE Comparative Marketing Analysis really free?

A: Yes our comparative marketing analysis is free. Even though the whole CMA process takes several hours to complete, all we ask is if you ever decide to use a Realtor to help you sell your home, consider Billy Joe and Cheryl. We would appreciate the opportunity to show you our New School - Old School approach to marketing your home and interview for the position of your listing your home.

Q: What other free services do you offer to For Sale by Owners?

A: Billy Joe and Cheryl would be happy to go over any New School and Old School Marketing techniques to market your home. This is by appointment only and is very extensive. Please allow 1 hour for the marketing session.

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